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Social Help to Orphan Children (SHOC) is a youth-led nonprofit that aims to empower four categories of youth that are mostly overlooked and those who cannot afford formal education. The teams of SHOC Orphans are formed by caring and volunteer students, parents, teachers and local inhabitants who are devoted to change their communities in one way or other. At SHOC “we cannot afford selfishness that prevents our progress” and that is why SHOC was launched. To help those of us, with what we know, by ourselves. SHOC believes that education is a vibration that forges steams through darkness to unveil the truth hidden within the future.

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SHOC Orphans is everyone’s property and everyone belongs to it equally. We are driven by equal opportunity for everyone and extend our hands to those with similar mind as ours. Since our launching, we have been knocking every door to call for those who share our belief to join us in their best way they can. Here at SHOC Orphans, we feel and call ourselves as an unbroken, safe and secure bridge that everyone can connect with anyone, everywhere. The only thing you need to have is your faith to being someone who can help someone. Who do we work with? Our first priority goes


Donations are our main motor to roll this machine with a constant speed as we can. 35% of Young widows in Africa are from Uneducated Orphans and School Dropouts.  We may all agree that an orphan is the one who lacks parent(s), which leads “give them food & shelter they need while children” but where do they go when they reach their legal age? A good house to find them is just any path that leads to a street. Uneducated and unemployed. Of course they meet another family there on the road. The school dropouts and young uneducated widows. Most cases brought to us are


"From the heart of our future and all the happiness that we tend to build around it, - we surrender our love and praise to our Maker.
We cannot applause for the heat of the sun while forgetting the cold hidden by the darkness of the night. It is my belief that 'every chance we give to a child today creates a world for the elderly of tomorrow.' We live history, we die the future. So let's build a future that relives our history when we'll not be there."



Our Courses

One of the reasons that set us aside from other organisations is the design of our courses. Our syllabus has been used by many major national & international profitable and nonprofitable organisations to make significant changes in their communities.

We also have a closer consideration on timing. All our courses are taught at a range of four to eight weeks, on a six days per week basis – due to the length that many of our students may have out of their formal education. Plus a practical period which is not less than two weeks.

Our Teachers

True expertise is the only result of best quality. Most of our teachers have at least three years in the pedagogy field, they have taught on national level, they have taught a certain skill that is included in SHOC syllabus and most are best expert on it.

Most have worked and supervised numerous seminars at UNHCR and other renown organisations. Every teacher has to demonstrate the highest understanding of their chosen material. This is done by passing a SHOC Orphans examination with at least 80% before they can begin.

Our Graduates

All courses and certificates are accredited nationally. SHOC Orphans ensures that the material is well reviewed by its internal team and local authorities before it is taught to its beneficiaries.

SHOC Orphans is also working hand-in-hand to help its graduates find work in local place, both in private and public sectors. In place finding a job is critically hard, SHOC Orphans set small business for its graduates to benefit from. This would be running a small restaurant which can employ four widows or a saloon, depending on the needs and our provision.

From The News

We are participating in Women Day 2018

Mothers, mothers you are our daughters, our sisters, our wives and our carers! That’s why we are whom we are.

SHOC extends its hands to welcome new partners

It has been agreed by its internal board of members and directors that Social Help to Orphan Children has to