About Us

Social Help to Orphan Children (SHOC) is a youth-led nonprofit that aims to empower four categories of youth that are mostly overlooked and those who cannot afford formal education. The teams of SHOC Orphans are formed by caring and volunteer students, parents, teachers and local inhabitants who are devoted to change their communities in one way or other.

At SHOC “we cannot afford selfishness that prevents our progress” and that is why SHOC was launched. To help those of us, with what we know, by ourselves. SHOC believes that education is a vibration that forges steams through darkness to unveil the truth hidden within the future.

Our Mission

Social Help to Orphan Children (SHOC) is a nonprofit organisation which aims to “create a better hope other than a street life” to Orphans, Young Widows, Young People with Disability and School Dropouts by providing entrepreneurial skills to these vulnerable.

Our Vision

SHOC’s vision is to create a dynamic, energetic youth that is capable to stand strong professionally in most affected regions of Africa and Asia, – through quality education. The organisation is striving to teach at least seven thousands young people each year.

Where We Work

SHOC Orphans is currently working and expanding its presence in Africa and Asia. The organisation is registered and authorised to operate in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and United Republic of Tanzania. Where the organisation is fully committed to carry its work and help these young people shape their future securely. The organisation is working very hard to finalise its registration process in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda. And has also sent requests to Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Our History

Prior to launching SHOC, our founder launched a self-funded initiative named Immediate Aid to Orphan Children (IAOC) back in November 2012. The organisation was based on helping orphans with food in the Eastern DRC. After securing a place in an entrepreneurial competition led and sponsored by UNESCO in June 2017, – Kangoma decided not just to end the initiative in the competition, – but to rebrand the IAOC into a teaching nonprofit organisation. SHOC was born, and officially launched on August, 28th 2017 in the DRC – with another branch in Tanzania.

The first ever graduates of SHOC Orphans were 307 students that took the courses from September 11 to December 11 2017. That was the most hardest moment for the Organisation.

Our Courses

SHOC Orphans has six courses that is providing to its students. According to SHOC’s researches, these courses are dynamic business in tropical regions. They are: Agriculture, Bakery, Cloth designing & Sewing, Saloon & Beauty, Soap-making and Yogurt-making. Plus there is a marketing short course and a language course for public jobs opportunities.


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