Mothers, mothers you are our daughters, our sisters, our wives and our carers! That’s why we are whom we are. Social Help to Orphan Children is not left behind for the biggest day dedicated to our mothers. We are an advocate for women, that is who we target the most in our mission and vision and we cannot sit behind watching her precious day go by without our very participation. A little gift from the very internal part of our organization has been released and dedicated for you mothers, – this is a small poem for our mothers from our president Mr. Kangoma Kindembo. ToRead More →

It has been agreed by its internal board of members and directors that Social Help to Orphan Children has to expand its place for other organizations to start taking places. We have been receiving calls for collaborations from individuals and other organizations, but our responses seemed a bit slow to welcome them. As a new and intercontinental association I believe we can only pass every door by letting the owners open it for us. The president Mr. Kangoma was heard approving the newcomers in an executive meeting held on Tuesday, March 06th. The board was convinced to open up and start to mobilise all possibleRead More →

SHOC Orphans is extending its endless apologies to the entire audience. Our official site was down for more than two weeks. We suffered a lost of most of posts and news related contents that would have be useful to our readers. The internal office would have some archives that would be useful to the press, if needed. We will try our best to retrieve some information within the coming days for readership. We couldn’t afford to go beyond this time, that is why we have decided to relaunch the site back. Please welcome our apologies, it’s part of our every challenges and we have learnedRead More →