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35% of Young widows in Africa are from Uneducated Orphans and School Dropouts. 

We may all agree that an orphan is the one who lacks parent(s), which leads “give them food & shelter they need while children” but where do they go when they reach their legal age? A good house to find them is just any path that leads to a street. Uneducated and unemployed. Of course they meet another family there on the road. The school dropouts and young uneducated widows. Most cases brought to us are particularly related to orphans of all walks, some have became mothers at a young age without husbands and others are breadwinners who don’t have both parents or with their mothers. Uneducated, unemployed, ready to do anything to make a living for themselves and their siblings; but sometimes they end working for nothing.

Of course not all orphans are accommodated by orphanage associations. We are strongly working to raise awareness through authorities so we can reach highest number we can. In places where there is no orphanage, we group them after school time.

Here’s what SHOC Orphans is doing

We have six entrepreneurial expertise that fit both rural & urban African and Asian. Our mission is to create a better hope other than a street life” to all the three groups of our youth. We achieve our mission by working hand-to-hand with established orphanage associations and other youth associations to deliver our courses in: 1) Agriculture, 2) Soap-making, 3) Baking, 4) Cloth designing & Sewing, 5) Yogurt making, 6) Beauty & Saloon. We are also providing marketing training for self-employment and language lessons (where needed).

In our first two months of campaigning, we have met a good success of partnering with ten associations with a strong “stay with us” feedback. Not just because we have something to share with them, – but the quality, effectiveness and time of courses. All our courses last for a maximum of four to eight weeks and accredited at national level to meet with the average hiring standards of the country.

How Does Your Donation Help Us?

By the will of God, your donation will help us:

  • To Finish our National Registration in any country in Africa (as we are only operating under an operational permissions in Tanzania and DR Congo).
  • To cover all the rent of places that we deliver our courses ($35 to $50 per 6 classrooms a month).
  • To cover practical classes (buying caustic soda, baking floor, etc…)
  • We also need volunteers to join us and represent our association in their countries. You can reach us at or visit our site.
  • Every member and volunteer has full access to our course materials (SHOC Away ebook), assistance to register SHOC Orphans in their country, become a country Director & first contact and many more….

SHOC aims to bring and maintain education access to these three orphan groups and is making every possible efforts for the accreditation and recognition of its certificates and graduates, for equal job opportunities.

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