Get Involved

SHOC Orphans is everyone’s property and everyone belongs to it equally. We are driven by equal opportunity for everyone and extend our hands to those with similar mind as ours. Since our launching, we have been knocking every door to call for those who share our belief to join us in their best way they can.

Here at SHOC Orphans, we feel and call ourselves as an unbroken, safe and secure bridge that everyone can connect with anyone, everywhere. The only thing you need to have is your faith to being someone who can help someone.

Who do we work with?

  1. Our first priority goes to orphanages that have orphans who are 15 to 17 years of age. Because these are the ones who participate in our courses and are the ones who are mostly at the edge of leaving their centres. We love the future and we try to design it for others who are unable by themselves. For those under this age, we participate in assisting them with food and shelter where needed.
  2. Secondly, we work with youth organisations and clubs where we can find young widows, young people with disability and school dropouts. Our intake age range for these categories limits at 35 years, with no third level education and unemployed.
  3. Third place goes to schools who have free spaces for our course delivery. We work in partnership with orphanage and youth clubs due to financial shortages we have, but we also find ourselves in areas where these facilities are not available. Thus negotiating spaces in established schools become an option. We kindly invite school authorities to help us on this one.
  4. Hosting SHOC classes at your place. We have national, regional and local representatives in any country we operate. We suggest getting in touch with our team for more.
  5. SHOC Orphans is expanding and striving to establish its presence in any country possible. We need volunteer members and teachers to join us anytime.
  6. As nonprofit organisation, we depend on donation of any kind. We warmly welcome kind of help you think may help our organisation in your community. We would love to have your local town, county or country on our list at your will.