Our apologies – the site was down for two weeks

Our apologies – the site was down for two weeks

SHOC Orphans is extending its endless apologies to the entire audience. Our official site was down for more than two weeks. We suffered a lost of most of posts and news related contents that would have be useful to our readers.

The internal office would have some archives that would be useful to the press, if needed. We will try our best to retrieve some information within the coming days for readership.

We couldn’t afford to go beyond this time, that is why we have decided to relaunch the site back. Please welcome our apologies, it’s part of our every challenges and we have learned our lesson, precautions have been taken for the future preservation.

You may reach us through press@shocorphan.com for newsagents. And general information write to us at info@shocorphan.com.

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