We are participating in Women Day 2018

We are participating in Women Day 2018

Mothers, mothers you are our daughters, our sisters, our wives and our carers! That’s why we are whom we are.

Social Help to Orphan Children is not left behind for the biggest day dedicated to our mothers. We are an advocate for women, that is who we target the most in our mission and vision and we cannot sit behind watching her precious day go by without our very participation.

A little gift from the very internal part of our organization has been released and dedicated for you mothers, – this is a small poem for our mothers from our president Mr. Kangoma Kindembo.

To honour the president wanted to present his feeling in a poetic way, to also deliver his thanks to all our mothers, sisters and daughters of the globe.

We believe in our mothers and we respect them much, that is why we have launched SHOC Orphans to empower them. We believe and convinced that by educating a woman we educate the entire world. She is the mother, the Queen of the house and strive to express this in actions than in words.

A widow is the guardian to the orphan, giving her the necessary equipment will enable her to maintain and sustain the orphan well. To SHOC Orphans, all young widow may be classified as orphans for them to successfully participate in helping their offspring. This is what SHOC calls endless help to its beneficiaries. It means helping an orphan from their roots and also keep them along the way with the same help.

SHOC Orphans is encouraging its members, supporters and its friends to participate in helping our mothers to celebrate their day with success and happiness. Let’s be together to make our world a better place for us and for our new generations.

From the entire SHOC Orphans family, we wish all women a good day and all the best success for our initiatives carried out to help the of our vulnerable youth.

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